Frozen PB&J

This hot AF summer has skyrocketed my usual cravings for all things sweet and frozen.  While huge soft-serve waffle cones can squeeze into my macros, it is not the most nutrient-rich choice.  Especially now that I’ve been avoiding added sugars for nearly 3 months, when I do indulge, the after-effects are not so pleasant.  So to satisfy my cravings, I’ve been experimenting with homemade frozen treats.  (Fun fact: if you’re a fan of Power Crunch protein bars, try sticking them in the freezer…AMAZING.)

I love frozen chocolate covered bananas, but wanted to switch things up.  Hot summer days also remind me of going to sleep-away camp as a kid, which reminds me of PB&J sandwiches…so frozen PB&J bites seemed like a good choice.

Because jams and jellies are very high in added sugar, I opted to use broken up raspberries instead.  When I buy peanut butter, I’m careful to choose brands that have only peanuts on the ingredients list.  And finally, get yourself a banana.  I simply sliced the banana on a diagonal, divided 1 TB of peanut butter between each slice (microwave for 30 seconds for easier spreading), and sprinkled my frozen broken up raspberries on top.  I made mine while I was waiting for coffee to brew in the morning, so by the afternoon when it was 97+ degrees, my bananas were nice and frozen.

These are seriously SO good.  Frozen bananas are nice and creamy because they are a starchy fruit, and frozen peanut butter has such a fun texture because of it’s high (healthy) fat content.  Frozen raspberries make the perfect replacement for jam, because they are slightly tart and cut through the richness of the peanut butter.  I ate these as my post-workout snack (was very thankful they were cold and frozen), and the macros were spot on.

Enjoy this fun, easy, and nostalgic recipe the next time you are craving something sweet and frozen!


4 thoughts on “Frozen PB&J

  1. YUM! I will definitely make these. I have been blending up frozen bananas for nice cream all summer but this will be a good way to switch things up!


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