Iced Latte Protein Shake

Every afternoon around 2 or 3 I routinely get hit by a nice big wave of low-energy. At that point in the day I’ve usually been up since 6am, have done errands or completed part of my work day, and have done my workout…so it’s no wonder I start to hit a wall.  I love coffee (especially iced in the summer) and am always just barely hitting my protein macros, so this shake is really perfect for me.

I really try to avoid spending money on coffee when I can so easily make it at home,  so every morning I pour my leftover brewed coffee into a designated “iced coffee” pitcher in the refrigerator.  With this shake I like to make it in the blender even though there is no ice- it develops an amazingly creamy texture, just like a decadent latte you’d spend 6 bucks on at Starbucks.

I always add a sprinkle of cinnamon to my coffee for it’s great flavor and some added (often overlooked) benefits – cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory, is loaded with antioxidants, may reduce the risk for heart disease, can improve sensitivity to insulin, and also helps to lower blood sugar levels / has anti-diabetic effects.

Experiment with adding any flavors you like to mimic your favorite drinks!  Vanilla extract, almond extract, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, coconut…be creative!  I hope this little pick-me-up brightens up some of your busy afternoons – enjoy!


-1 cup chilled brewed coffee

-1/4 cup milk or dairy alternative of choice

-1 scoop vanilla (or chocolate, for mocha flavor) protein powder

*Optional – cinnamon


Simply add all of the ingredients together in a blender, and blend for approximately 30 seconds until frothy.  If you don’t have a blender, a shaker will do a great job as well, but be sure to mix rigorously, as the protein powder doesn’t dissolve as readily into iced coffee as it does with water or milk.


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